Atwater Kent Model 7 4066

Pictures of a nice Model 7 4066 with the original instruction manual.
Contributed by James Riendeau of Mahopac, NY. Thanks Jim!

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The Model 7 4066 was introduced on January 24th, 1923, as an evolutionary improvement of the Model 6 4052.
The Model 7 benefited from a second RF amplifier stage, thus making it the first Atwater Kent radio to use five tubes. The improved performance enabled the Model 7 to receive stations up to 100 miles away. Of course, as with all radios at the time, this required a very large antenna, on the order of 100 to 125 feet in length.

Information excerpted from the AWA Review, Volume 12, by Ralph Williams, published by the Antique Wireless Association in 1999, and other sources.