Atwater Kent Requests Page

This page contains links to data (not necessarily AK) which has been requested, but which will not be included in the main site. Data on this page may be removed after one week to save disk space.
A full history of the page is included in the Inactive section. Inactive items can be restored on request. If you need something for sets manufactured before 1950, email me and I'll try to put it up.

Active links

Literature Title Page(s) Description Date posted
Hickok 288X alignment 4 in a PDF
(2.3 Megabytes)
From military TS-465 manual 28 Mar 06
Military OQ-3 Tube Tester 11 in a PDF
(3.3 Megabytes)
Military op & svc manual 24 Sep 05
McMurdo-Silver 906 Signal Generator 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8 Op & maintenance manual 27 Apr 05
LR8 HV Regulator Schematic 1 Schematic for HV regulator 06 Mar 04
Amperite Application Bulletin AB-51 1   2   3   4 Amperite Ballast Tube Application Note 31 Jan 04