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29 Sep 2013 - New Hosting Site

RIDER'S ON LINE - The AK sections of Rider's Volumes 3, 6 & 7 are up. Others to follow

This is a "techie" site, dedicated to presenting service manuals,
parts lists, schematic diagrams and other information of value to
restorers and technicians who try to keep these radios working.
Most of the interesting stuff is in the Tech Data section and the Gallery.
The Links page contains links to other sites that concentrate on other aspects of the hobby.

The nature of old equipment and its supporting documentation is such that this is a continuing project. The What's New page contains a revision history of the site. Information will be added as it becomes available. Contributions will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged, and the originals will be returned promptly.

In addition to copies of vintage documents, we are constantly producing new information such as schematics and mechanical drawings to assist the maintainer. Please check back often.

This site is free. Always has been, always will be. There are no memberships. We don't ask for any information.
No cookies, pop-ups, or click-throughs. We don't even solicit contributions.

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