Synchrophase Technical Data

An archive of Synchrophase Service Manuals, Parts Lists, and other Information

I am redrawing many of the Grebe schematics. The new versions will include voltages, part numbers, and values. I am also creating original mechanical drawings of some components. These will facilitate creation of modern replacements if vintage parts are not available. This is an ongoing project, so check back often, and request anything you need that's not already here.

Original schematics, listed by model number

Model & version Page Publication
MU-1 early version (Aug 1924) 362 Rider's 1931
MU-1 mid version (Aug 1925) 363 Rider's 1931
MU-1 late version (Aug 1926) 363 Rider's 1931
MU-2 late version (Jul 1926) 364 Rider's 1931
671 Power Unit 362 Rider's 1931

Modern schematics, listed by model number

Model & version Hi-res image (~180k) Lo-res image (~50k)
MU-1, early version MU1Esch MU1EschQ
MU-1, mid version MU1Msch MU1MschQ
MU-1, late version MU1Lsch MU1LschQ
MU-2, late version MU2Lsch MU2LschQ

Mechanical drawings, listed by description

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  • Part Number Index

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