Grebe Synchrophase Articles and other contributions

This page contains links to articles and similar information, some on this site, some elsewhere.
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Modern Articles

  • "Precision Mica Capacitors in the Grebe Synchrophase" by yours truly - Radio Age Magazine April 2004
    Large PDF file (~900K) This one is a lot better quality if you have the bandwidth.    Smaller PDF file (~300K)

  • Vintage Articles

  • "The Grebe Synchrophase" by S. Gordon Taylor - Popular Radio August 1925  <<-- read this one
  • "The Design of the Grebe Synchrophase" by R.R.Batcher - Courtesy April 1925 QST

  • Modern non-Grebe Articles by your's truly

  • "The Should-Have-Been RCA 23K: Analysis of a 23-Tube Prototype Receiver", Chapter 1 Radio Age Magazine June 2006