Welcome to the Grebe Synchrophase Study Page

I'm conducting a study of the four-letter serial numbers which Grebe used for the MU-1 and later receivers. If you have any examples of these, please email me with answers to the following questions:

1) What is/are the serial number(s)? You can find it hand-lettered in the upper-right hand corner of the instruction card on the back wall, or printed upside down in white ink on the back of the front panel at the left side.

For each serial number:

2) Does the radio have chains connecting the tuning dials, as shown in the picture? Click on the picture for a larger image.

3) Which socket configuration do you have? There were two types of sockets: a high-skirt UV-style and a flat UX-style, as shown in the picture. There were three socket configurations: The UX style only for the detector (2nd from right) as shown in the picture, all UV, or all UX.

4) Is there any firm date associated with the radio, i.e. a bill of sale or some other documentation as to when it was purchased?

Thanks very much for your help. Leigh